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Welcome to Black Friday 2023 padel!

Here you can find the best offers and discounts on everything related to this sport. If you are a passionate padel player, then this is the perfect time to equip yourself with the best tools that will help you improve your game. We present you the best products on offer Black Friday Padel 2023 in the five most important categories of padel: rackets, shoes, padel rackets, clothing and accessories. Let us begin!

padel rackets Black Friday 2023

Let's start with padel rackets, the most important element for any player. In this Black Friday, you can find a wide variety of rackets from the best brands with incredible discounts. Padel rackets are an essential tool to improve your game and here we present some of the best options that you can find on offer:

  • Shovel Head Delta Pro- It is the ideal option for advanced players looking for a perfect combination of power and control, with innovative technologies and an elegant design recommended by champion Arturo Coello.

  • AT.2 shovel Genius LTD Edition 2023: It is a versatile and unisex padel racket, made with high quality materials and innovative technologies for a unique playing experience. With its exclusive and limited design, it is a collector's item for fans of paddle tennis and the magic of Agustín Tapia.

  • Shovel Adidas Metalbone 3.2 2023- is a high-end tool that combines weight, balance and power to help you reach your maximum potential on the court. With exclusive technologies such as the WEIGHT & BALANCE SYSTEM, the OCTAGONAL STRUCTURE and the SPIN BLADE OCTAGONAL, the Metalbone 3.2 is the perfect choice for ambitious gamers looking for the best in technology and performance. Furthermore, he is the choice of professional player Ale Galán.

  • padel shoes Black Friday 2023

    Padel shoes are another essential item for any player, as they will allow you to move quickly and safely on the court. In this Black Friday, you can find a wide variety of models from the best brands at very low prices. Some of the best options are:

  • Sneakers Sprint Pro 3.5 Clay BSTE Man: The shoes offer perfect grip and an improved design with mesh fabric and a cooling system. If you are looking to maximize your skills on the court, this is a great choice.

  • Nox Sneakers Lux Nerbo White blue: these sneakers In white with coral detail, they are specifically designed for your health, minimizing the risk of injury and optimizing your performance on the court. Clinically endorsed by podiatrist Marta Rueda, advisor to athletes of élite and the High Performance Sports Center of Sant Cugat (Spain).

  • Nox Sneakers AT10 Lux Blue/Navy: ThisThe padel shoes are designed specifically for the health and performance of padel players, clinically endorsed and laboratory certified. Endorsed by podiatry experts and laboratory tested to minimize injuries and optimize performance.

  • Padel rackets Black Friday 2023

    The padel racket bags are the perfect complement for any padel player, as they allow you to carry everything you need on the court in a comfortable and organized way. In this Black Friday, you can find a wide variety of padel racket bags from the best brands with incredible discounts. Some of the most notable options are:

  • Padel bag Head Pro x Padel Bag Black: In black it is a high quality backpack with an attractive design for padel players. With its spacious size and organized compartments, it's perfect for carrying everything you need to the field. In addition, it has CCT+ thermal control technology and is made with water-resistant and recycled materials.

  • Padel bag Nox Thermo Pro Navy Blue Series: This padel racket In navy blue, it is a high-quality option for padel players with multiple compartments, including a thermal compartment for rackets, a bag for dirty clothes, a shoe pocket and additional pockets. It has careful ergonomics and the possibility of converting into a backpack.

  • Padel bag Head Pro x Padel Bag White: The paletero Head Pro x Padel Bag White is a high-quality backpack with an attractive design with organized compartments and CCT+ thermal control technology to protect the rackets. With padded straps and water-resistant materials, it is ideal for carrying padel equipment comfortably and safely.

  • padel clothing Black Friday 2023

    Padel clothing is another important element for any player, as it will allow you to play comfortably and with maximum mobility. In this Black Friday, you can find a wide variety of clothing from the best brands with incredible discounts. Some of the most notable options are:

  • Paddle Skirt HEAD Performance Skort Blue: Skirt HEAD Performance Skort It is perfect for your padel games as it has quick-drying inner pants and cooling technology. In addition, the inner elastic waistband provides optimal grip for greater comfort.

  • Paddle Skirt Nox Team White: The paddle skirt Team White of Nox It offers comfort and style during matches thanks to its durable fabric and Balance Fresh technology. Includes inner shorts and technical pocket for balls.

  • T-shirt Head Play Tech Black - Men's Paddle Shirt:  T-shirt Head Play Tech It is the perfect choice for padel players looking for a combination of comfort and style. Made with high-quality technologies, such as Moisture Transfer Microfibe and mesh inserts on the sides and back to improve breathability.

  • Padel accessories (balls, overgrips) Black Friday 2023

    Finally, we cannot forget the padel accessories, which will allow you to play comfortably and with maximum precision. In this Black Friday, you can find a wide variety of accessories from the best brands with incredible discounts. Some of the most notable options are:

  • Balls Head Padel Pro S-6DZ: This variant of the popular paddle balls Head Padel Pro It is also the official model of the World Padel Tour. The Head Padel Pro S (Speed) allows faster exchanges and facilitates serves for three, thanks to its core that makes it faster and more dynamic. Get a speed boost with this ball.

  • Nox Cord Smartstrap® Luxury Blue: This product is the ideal complement to guarantee maximum safety and hygiene for your padel racket, without neglecting style. It is made with highly durable materials that resist use and sweating.

  • Head Padel Pro Overgrip Black: This is one of the best overgrips on the market, the Head Padel Pro It provides spectacular grip and excellent absorption that improves performance in your padel matches. This pack of three units in black is suitable for all padel rackets, whether from the brand Head or other brands.

    Get ready for the Black Friday 2023 with the Paddle Blades Head Extreme!

    He Black Friday 2023 is about to arrive, and with it comes the opportunity that all padel lovers have been waiting for. If you are a passionate player looking to improve your game with the best padel racket technology, you are in the right place. You will be excited to know that padel rackets Head Extreme, including models Head Extreme Pro, Head Extreme Motion, Head Extreme Elite and Head Extreme One, will be available with amazing deals in our store during this exciting event.

    Head Extreme Pro: Power and Precision in a Single Package

    The Head Extreme Pro It is the perfect choice for those players looking for a balance between power and precision. With its high-quality construction and cutting-edge technologies, this racket gives you exceptional control over the ball, allowing you to make precise shots even in the most intense moments of the match. Plus, its sleek and modern design is sure to make you stand out on the court.

    Head Extreme Motion: Agility and Maneuverability at the Maximum Level

    If you value agility and maneuverability in your game, the Head Extreme Motion It is your best ally. Designed for players looking for fast handling and instant response, this racket will allow you to move easily around the court and adapt to any situation. Whether you are defending or attacking, the Extreme Motion It will give you the confidence you need to face each point with determination.

    Head Extreme Elite: Performance and Versatility in Every Shot

    The Head Extreme Elite He stands out for his versatility and exceptional performance in all areas of the court. Whether you are an experienced player or just starting out in the world of padel, this racket will provide you with a unique combination of control and power. Its ergonomic and comfortable design will allow you to maintain a firm grip throughout the game, without sacrificing comfort.

    Head Extreme One: Accessibility without Compromises on Performance

    The Head Extreme One It is the ideal option for those looking for a high-quality racket at an affordable price. Despite its accessibility, this racket does not skimp on performance. With the technology and experience of Head At its core, the Extreme One It will offer you a solid and reliable game that will help you improve your skills on the court.

    Get Ready to Take Advantage of the Offers Black Friday 2023

    Don't miss the opportunity to acquire one of the most sought-after padel rackets on the market at unbeatable prices. He Black Friday 2023 is your golden opportunity to improve your game with padel rackets Head Extreme Pro, Head Extreme Motion, Head Extreme Elite and Head Extreme One. Keep an eye on our store and be sure to take advantage of these exclusive offers. Equip yourself with the best racket technology and dominate the court like never before. We are waiting for you at the Black Friday!

    In conclusion, this Black Friday 2023 you will be able to find the best offers and discounts on everything related to paddle tennis. From rackets to accessories, you can equip yourself with the best tools that will help you improve your game and enjoy this sport to the fullest. Don't miss this opportunity and take advantage of the best offers of the year!

    We solve your doubts

    When is BLACK FRIDAY 2023?

    Black Friday 2023 will be on November 24. During the same week we will carry out a large number of paddle tennis offers so that you can make the most of your purchases. And Friday, November 24, 2023 will be the big day and final auction. Sign up for our VIP list, don't miss it!

    What DEALS will I find on BLACK FRIDAY 2023?

    You will find all kinds of offers in paddle tennis equipment. Offers for women and men in rackets, paddle tennis shoes, paleteros, pants, t-shirts, skirts, paddle tennis balls and other accessories. You will be able to access the best prices from leading brands such as Adidas, Black Crown, Drop Shot, Dunlop, Head, Nox, Starvie and Vibora. Take the opportunity to buy professional equipment used by World Padel Tour players at prices never seen before. We'll also be running deals on beginner and intermediate player gear to get you started or to solidify your skills and level up.

    Will my order take longer to arrive during BLACK FRIDAY 2023?

    During the Black Friday campaign, the highest sales of the entire year are recorded, which is why courier companies may delay the delivery of shipments somewhat. However, we will always do our best to ensure that orders are delivered within 24/48 hours.

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