In this section you can buy balls from padel. The range used in the Wold professional championship Padel Tour It is the PRO of Head. Specifically the ball boat of padel HEAD PRO and balls HEAD PADEL PRO S. The difference between both balls is fundamentally pressure and weight. For example for cities like Madrid where there is little moisture, we would use the ball of padel HEAD PADEL PROIt is heavier and has less pressure. For coastal places where there is more moisture, such as Barcelona, ​​it is convenient to use paddle balls HEAD PADEL PRO S so that a slow game is not made. Below we leave you a video of Sanyo Gutiérrez where he explains all the differences. For us these are the best balls of padel and those that are currently used. Accessories are sold such as the ball pressurizer padel They can come good to wing your useful life. There are differences between tennis and padel, such as pressure, weight, size and rebound. To play padel you always have to use the balls made for this sport. Find balls of padel cheap and offers balls padel in Padel Kiwi. 

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