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Why buy in Padel Kiwi?

Are you looking to buy padel equipment? Perfect! All our paddle at your disposal. Here you will find the best offers and even some at outlet prices. Remember that all the stock we have is real and we will never sell you something that we don't have in our paddle shop.

For every purchase you make at Padel Kiwi, we will plant a tree! It is our challenge as entrepreneurs, we want to achieve a better world. Together we can do it! With little effort and contributing our grain of sand we can change the world. By planting trees we directly contribute to water purification, oxygen production and stopping deforestation. We will post the entire process on Instagram and collaborate with Tree-nation.com to achieve this. Will you join our movement?

What padel racket to buy?

There are different types of padel rackets, we are going to give you some advice so that you can choose the racket that best suits your style of play. We will take these concepts into account in order to help you.

Are you a player who likes to attack or are you more of a defensive player? Do you have any type of elbow injury? It is important that you look at the shape of the racket to choose the one that best suits you.

Avant: It is for those aggressive players who like to be on the net and who base their game on punching. With this type of racket, power is gained but control is lost because the sweet spot of the racket is farther from the hand. The vast majority of professional players use this type of racket, it demands more from your muscles and we would not recommend it if you suffer from any type of injury.

Round: For defensive players, they present a wider sweet spot and you will control the ball more. It is usually for those players who are far from the net, it presents a balance that is closer to hand. If you want to control the ball, this is your racket.

Hybrid: It gives you both control and power, this type of racket is very fashionable and it adapts to almost all players. If you are looking for a versatile padel racket that adapts to all situations, this is yours.

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