The choice of our paddle tennis shoes It should not be a minor issue, but rather we must pay a lot of importance to it since it is a basic element of our kit. Just as we want to have a good shovel, we must also take care of our footwear in order to avoid injuries.

as you know, paddle tennis is a sport that involves many movements and a large number of turns . That is why over the years, the main brands in the sector have been carrying out studies, both anatomical and biomechanical, so that they have developed specific models of shoes for practicing paddle tennis. Many prestigious brands implement new technologies producing high quality footwear.


One point that we must not forget is the sole (being able to find different  types of soles in paddle tennis shoes ) . This should provide us with enough grip when we start the movements and at the same time, it should allow us to slide on the track when we want to reach a ball.

Likewise, The support of the foot is an important point , since it must be adjusted correctly to our foot to give us stability, but at the same time giving us the possibility for the foot to breathe.

If we take into account the previously mentioned aspects when choosing our paddle tennis shoes, we will be able to acquire a footwear that adapts to our type of game , to the usual surface on which we play and above all, that helps us to avoid injury .

Until not long ago, most used tennis shoes to play paddle tennis, however, due to the great increase in demand, most brands have developed shoes studying many factors such as cushioning, support, movement, etc., there are now, yes, great variety of brands that work with specific padel shoes .


    How do padel shoes have to be?

    So, we should take into account, before choose some paddle tennis shoes are the following aspects: cushioning, durability, grip, stability, comfort, etc.

    • The most important is that are comfortable , and that allow the necessary movements to play this sport.
    • The soles have to grip the track when you kick off, slide when you reach for the ball, and allow for easy spin.
    • Also shoes must be fastened correctly to the foot in each movement.

    Characteristics that Padel Shoes must have

    In summary, the three aspects that I would highlight in some paddle tennis shoes are:

    • Comfort.
    • Grip on the track.
    • Foot stability.

    What sole do you use for paddle tennis?

    Although we already saw here more in depth the types of sole that we find in paddle tennis shoes , today we will review some of its characteristics so that you take into account when choosing your footwear:

    How is the Omni sole?

    According to experts and professionals, good padel shoes should mainly have a good grip on the track but provide traction as the sprints begin. The degree of glide must also be good to reach long balls and, finally, to allow easy turning to avoid any injury.

    The Omni sole is easily recognized by the dots that are marked on the sole. These signature points are usually deep enough not to slip when you're in the middle of a run for a ball.

    The only negative part is that sometimes it will be problematic to hit long balls since it does not slide 100%.


    • Good side scrolling.
    • Good prices.
    • good grip

    What is the herringbone sole like?

    Another type of sole that is on the rise due to its comfort is the herringbone type. We can find lots of models of this type of sole.

    The herringbone sole is easily recognizable by the set of parallel lines that form a zig-zag pattern. This type of sole comes from tennis, where it is usually used on clay but has been transferred and adapted to the needs of paddle tennis.

    The adherence of this type of ground allows us not to suffer excessive slippage when starting a sprint. As for durability, the signature zigzag is usually made with various abrasion resistant materials that reduce normal wear and tear on the sole.

    In summary, taking into account the basic criteria (stability, grip, comfort, durability...) this type of shoe is:

    • They have a longer life than the other types of shoes.
    • They have a better glide to reach far balls.
    • It is recommended for novice and professional players.
    • There is a wide variety of models and prices.
    • Recommended especially for tracks with a large amount of sand.

    The mixed sole

    It is a mix between the two previous types . It usually incorporates the Omni sole on the inside front of the sole to provide better grip as we start our stride. The rest of the sole has a herringbone pattern in order to facilitate sliding to reach the fastest balls.


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