How to place an overgrip on a paddle shovel

Before starting, you have to mention that Grip and Overgrip are different things:

He grip It is thicker and is already incorporated into the manufacture of your shovel, serves to protect the fist and provide a comfortable grip. Normally it is not usually changed because we protect it with the overgrips, making wear in them and not in the shovel Grip itself.

He Overgrip It is lighter and its function is to protect GRIP and provide optimal grip and perspiration for each game. There are several colors, so you can customize your blade an overgrip in another color. There are smooth and perforations. In our accessories you can find them.

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The fist of the shovel must provide an optimal grip since it can suffer injuries. You can combine one or more overgrips, always depending on how you feel comfortable with the grip. Keep in mind that drills perspire more and smooth are more durable, it is the choice you should take.


In case you have doubts, we explain to you in this video How to place an overgrip: 


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