Javi Ruiz and Gonzalo Rubio surprise and beat Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello at the Abu Dhabi Masters 2023

The start of the World Padel Tour season has kicked off with the first surprise so far, Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello are defeated 6-4 / 7-5 against the couple formed by Javier Ruiz and Gonzalo Rubio.

The match got off to a good start, with both pairs fighting for the lead in the first set. Navarro and Tello won the first two games in a row, taking an early lead, but Ruiz and Rubio didn't give up and fought for every point, turning the score around. Finally, Ruiz and Rubio won the first set with a result of 6-4.

In the second set, the tension was lived in each disputed point. Navarro and Tello showed their great ability by keeping the pressure on Ruiz and Rubio. The set was very even and exciting, coming to a decision in a tie break that was won by Javi Ruiz and Gonzalo Rubio.

Javi Ruiz plays in the backhand position and is currently ranked 28th in the WPT ranking. The man from Granada has played a total of 342 circuit matches to date, of which he has won 188.

Gonzalo Rubio, ranked 25th in the WPT ranking, plays in the drive position. The Sevillian has played a total of 350 matches on the World Padel Tour circuit, coming out victorious in 166.

The Andalusian couple will have to be closely followed in the new WPT 2023 season.

Results matches round of 16 ABU DHABI MASTER 2023

Arturo Coello/Agustin Tapia 7-6 / 7-6 Javier G. Mora/Javier G.Barahona
Jaime Munoz/Ignacio Vilarino 4-6 / 6-3 / 6-2 Raul Marcos/Jose David Sanchez
Pincho Fernandez/Jose Garcia Diestro 7-5 / 7-6 Juanlu Esbri/Edu Alonso
Ivan Ramirez/Pablo Cardona 6-2 / 6-3 Anton Sans/Teo Zapata
Fede Chingotto/Javi Garrido 6-0 / 7-6 Jon Sanz/Javi Leal
Gonzalo Rubio/Javi Ruiz 6-4 / 7-5 Paquito Navarro/Juan Tello
Ale Salazar/Gemma Triay 6-2 / 6-0 Anna Cortiles/Sofia Saiz
Marta Talaván/Lorena Rufo 6-2 / 4-6 / 6-0 Carlota Casali/E. Rodriguez
Carmen Goenaga/Bea Caldera 7-5 / 6-2 Emily Stellato/Giulia Sussarello
Aranza Osoro/Lucia Sainz 6-3 / 6-3 Ana Catarina Nogueira/Eli Amatriain
Mari Carmen Villalba/Carolina Navarro 6-2 / 6-4 Marina Martinez/Teresa Navarro
Mapi/Majo Sánchez Alayeto 6-3 / 4-6 / 6-2 Sofia Araujo/Delfi Brea
Jessica Castello/Claudia Jensen 6-1/6-3 Arantxa Soriano/Alicia Blanco
Marta Ortega/Bea Gonzalez 6-1/6-1 Lara Arruabarena/Ana Fernandez

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