• Hexagon men's final result Cup 2024 : Advantage winners Team

Martin Di Nenno / Juan Tello (Advantage Team) vs Franco Stupaczuck / Alex Ruiz (Rafa Nadal Academy)

Match result : 3-6 / 7-6 / 10-6

  • Hexagon women's final result Cup 2024 : Advantage winners Team

Sofia Araujo / Delfi Brea (Advantage Team) vs Alejandra Salazar / Tamara Icardo (Hexagon Team)

Match result : 3-6 / 6-1 / 11-9

  • Final score Next Generation Hexagon Cup 2024 : winners RL9 Lewandowski Team

Enzo Jensen / David Gala (RL9 Lewandowski Team) vs Alex Chozas / Emilio Chamero (Eleven eleven Team)

Match result : 6-3 / 1-6 / 10-7

Hexagon Men's Final Cup 2024

Martin Di Nenno and Juan Tello, of the advantage Team, wrote their name in history by becoming champions in a titanic battle at the Madrid Arena.

In an exciting confrontation against Franco Stupaczuck and Alex Ruiz, of the Rafa Nadal Academy, Di Nenno and Tello won with a score of 3-6 / 7-6 / 10-6. The match lasted for more than two hours, weaving an epic narrative that culminated with the Argentines lifting the Hexagon trophy. Cup. The intensity of the match reached its peak when, 5-4 down in the second set, Di Nenno and Tello saved a match point, broke their rivals' serve and forced a tiebreaker. In the tie break they managed to even the score and, in the super tie break, they demonstrated their ability to remain calm in crucial moments to take the title.

Women's Final hexagon Cup 2024

The Hexagon Cup gave us an epic women's final at the Madrid Arena, where the Hexagon team faced Advantage Team in an exciting duel. Alejandra Salazar and Tamara Icardo, representing the Hexagon team, they faced Sofia Araujo and Delfi Brea of the advantage Team in a confrontation full of intensity and emotion.

From the beginning, the Spanish couple, Alejandra Salazar and Tamara Icardo, showed why they started as favorites in this match. After an outstanding week of play and positive feelings on the court, they took control from the first set. Alejandra led the match with her powerful forehand, while Tamara sought to be decisive with her power.

The first set went by with a solid game by Alejandra and Tamara, achieving a convincing 6-3, highlighting their volleys and serves.

The intensity and emotion reached its peak in the second set of the Hexagon women's final Cup, where Alejandra Salazar and Tamara Icardo saw how Sofía Araujo and Delfi Brea turned around radical to the match.

Delfi took control of the game with an impressive performance. Sofía and Delfi managed to turn the score around with a resounding 6-1, taking the final to a super tie-break. The players continued with authority from the second set, breaking their rivals' serve and getting closer to victory point by point. Although they reached 8-4, the Spanish duo did not give up easily. Thanks to a stellar performance by Tamara, they managed to even the score at ten, saving two match points. At the decisive point, Delfi Brea made an unreachable drop shot for Salazar and Icardo, thus closing an epic final and giving the Advantage Team his first title in the Hexagon Cup by 3-6 / 6-1 / 11-9.

Final Next generation hexagon Cup 2024

David Gala and Enzo Jensen from the RL9 Robert team Lewandowski were proclaimed winners of their category against Alex Chozas and Emilio Chamero by 6-3, 1-6 and 10-7.


*Image: Hexagon Cup

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