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premier Padel publishes its 2024 calendar 


Get ready to dive into a year full of excitement and epic competition with the exciting announcement of Premier's 2024 calendar! Padel! 🎾✨ This new itinerary, made up of 25 tournaments in 18 countries on five continents, promises to take the passion of padel to unsuspected levels.

The action will begin on February 26, 2024 with the vibrant Riyadh P1, set against the spectacular Riyadh Season in Saudi Arabia, closely followed by the Qatar Major. The tour will take us through Mexico and Venezuela, crisscrossing South America, before landing in such exciting destinations as Brussels and Andalusia in April and May. But that is not all! The tour will return to South America, marking Premier's first visit Padel to Paraguay and Chile.

After a break in August, the season will resume with new energy in Europe and the Middle East, exploring new venues such as Rotterdam, Dusseldorf, Sweden, Dubai and Kuwait. More tournaments are on the way in new locations before reaching Milan P1, which will close the main part of the season, following the tradition of the last two years!

And the grand finale? The anticipation will culminate in the Premiers! Padel Tour Finals, the first edition that will take place in Barcelona from December 18 to 22, 2024! Here, the best couples in the ranking will fight fiercely to win the last trophy of the 2024 Premier season Padel.

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, president of Premier Padel, shares his enthusiasm: "This 2024 marks the beginning of a new era for Premier Padel, with a unified circuit that will take the sport to new heights. We are excited to inspire fans not only in our established locations, but also in emerging markets around the world. Get ready to be part of the evolution of padel in 2024 and join us in building one of the most exciting circuits in world sport!" 🌍🏆 #PremierPadel2024 #PassionForElPadel #ExcitingCalendar


Premier Calendar Padel Tour 2024

  •  February 26 - March 2: P1 Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
  •  March 3 - 8: Qatar Major
  •  March 18 - 24: P1 Acapulco (Mexico)
  •  March 25 - 31: P2 Puerto Cabello (Venezuela)
  •  April 22 -28: P2 Brussels (Belgium)
  •  April 29 - May 5: P2 Andalusia (Spain)
  •  May 13 - 19: P2 Asunción (Paraguay)
  •  May 20 - 26: P1 Argentina
  •  May 27 - June 2: P1 Santiago (Chili)
  •  June 10 - 16: P2 Bordeaux (France)
  •  June 17 - 23: Italy Major
  •  July 8 - 14: P1 Andalusia (Spain)
  •  July 15 -21: P2 Genoa (Italy)
  •  July 29 - August 4: P2 Finland
  •  September 2 - 8: P1 Madrid (Spain)
  •  September 9 - 15: P1 Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  •  September 16 - 22: P2 Dusseldorf (Germany)
  •  September 30 - October 6: Paris Major
  •  October 7 - 13: P2 Sweden
  •  October 21 - 27: P2 Newgiza (Egypt)
  •  November 4 - 10: P1 Dubai
  •  November 11 - 17: P1 Kuwait City
  •  November 25 - December 1: Mexico Major
  •  December 2 - 8: P1 Milan
  •  December 18 - 22: Barcelona Finals Tour

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    Calendar premier Padel 2023:

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    Below, we present the calendar of the Premier tournaments Padel for this year. 

    News 2023 - Women's Tournament

    premier Padel has achieved a historic milestone by announcing the incorporation of the best padel players in the world to its circuit. This circuit, which is the only one governed by the International Padel Federation (FIP) and supported by the Professional Padel Association (PPA), has become the trusted tour of all professional padel athletes.

    The fact that the women's competition takes place alongside the men's competition on the Premier calendar Padel It is great news for fans of both genders, since they will be able to enjoy a high-level sport on equal terms. Conversations with the promoters of the different venues to evaluate which tournaments can immediately host the women's circuit have already begun, which demonstrates Premier's commitment Padel to promote the sport and make it accessible to more territories.

    As President of the International Padel Federation (FIP), Luigi Carraro has highlighted the importance of this historic day for padel and has praised the work that has been done for both men and women to compete on this world tour. For his part, the President of Premier Padel, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, has been very proud to have achieved his ambition in just over a year since the circuit's creation and looks forward to seeing how the sport continues to prosper and grow in the future.

    Ultimately, this announcement is very important for the padel industry and for fans around the world. The incorporation of more than 110 players to the Premier circuit Padel It will strengthen the sport and its international projection, and will set a historical precedent for equality in sport.

    Qatar (Major) - From February 26 to March 5. 

    The first tournament of the season will take place in Qatar, a country known for its stunning skyline and warm climate. The court is located on a rooftop with a panoramic view of the sea, which will make players feel like they are in a paddle tennis bubble. Fans around the world are eager to see how the players perform in this exciting tournament.

    Italy (Major) - From July 10 to 16.

    The Italian tournament is one of the most anticipated of the year, and it is not difficult to see why. The location of the tournament is simply stunning: in the heart of the Chianti wine region, surrounded by hills and vineyards. Players will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the region while competing on one of the most exciting padel courts in the world.

    Madrid (P1) - From July 17 to 23.

    The Spanish capital is home to some of the best padel players in the world, so it is not surprising that the Madrid tournament is one of the most popular on the circuit. Fans will fill the stands of the paddle tennis courts, while the players will have to fight against the intense heat that is felt in the summer in the city. But the show must go on, and we are sure that the players will be willing to leave it all on the field.

    Mendoza (P1) - From July 31 to August 6.

    The Mendoza tournament will be held in Argentina, in one of the most famous wine regions in the world. Players will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the region, while preparing for the tournament on some of the most exciting padel courts in the region. If you like wine and paddle tennis, this is the tournament you shouldn't miss.

    Paris (Major) - From September 4 to 10.

    The Paris tournament is held in one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. Players will have to compete on a court located in an iconic location in the city, which makes the tournament even more exciting. Additionally, fans will have the opportunity to enjoy the culture and beauty of Paris while having fun watching the tournament.

    Newgiza (P1) - From October 30 to November 5.

    Newgiza is one of the most spectacular places to play paddle tennis. The courts are located in a beautiful complex surrounded by mountains and impressive landscapes. This tournament is an opportunity for players to experience the luxury and beauty of Egypt while competing on one of the most challenging padel courts in the world.

    Mexico (Major) - From November 27 to December 3.

    The Mexican tournament is one of the most exciting on the Premier calendar Padel. Players will compete on a court located in a stunning location, surrounded by beautiful beaches and warm weather. Fans will be able to enjoy a unique experience, watching the best players in the world in a beautiful Mexican landscape.

    Milan (P1) - From December 4 to 10.

    The last tournament of the season will be held in Milan, a city known for its fashion and style. Players will compete on a court located in one of the most exclusive areas of the city, surrounded by haute couture stores and luxury restaurants. The Milan tournament is the perfect place to close the Premier season Padel with style.

    The Premier calendar Padel offers a wide variety of tournaments in some of the most beautiful and exciting locations in the world. If you are a paddle tennis fan, don't miss the opportunity to see the best players in the world compete on these impressive courts. 


    Premier Calendar Padel 2023:

    1. QATAR (Major) - From February 26 to March 5. Winners: Franco Stupaczuk and Martín di Nenno.
    2. ITALY (Major) - From July 10 to 16. Winners: Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia.
    3. MADRID (P1) - From July 17 to 23. Winners:  Delfi Brea and Bea González - Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia.
    4. MENDOZA (P1)From July 31 to August 6. Winners:  Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia.
    5. PARIS (Major) - From September 4 to 10. Winners:  Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia.
    6. NEWGIZA (P1) From October 30 to November 5. (Cancelled for security reasons).
    7. MEXICO (Major) From November 27 to December 3. Winners: Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia. Delfi Brea and Bea González.
    8. MILAN (P1) - From December 4 to 10.

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